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Online Advertising

With over 120  million people surfing the web every day, Banner Advertising is quickly  becoming one of the most beneficial ways to market your product or  service.  High traffic sites like  Google, Yahoo!, MySpace and Amazon offer programs where you can target a  specific demographic by using keywords to help increase your odds of capturing  a sale.

In order to achieve the best Click-Through-Rate (CTR) here are some factors to consider when developing an effective Banner Advertisement:

  • Attractive ads tend to attract more attention.  Make sure your ad design is relevant  to what you are promoting and sets you apart from competition.
  • Create multiple versions of your ads and use ad testing to  determine which ad works best.
  • Avoid using generic keywords, such as “DVD” that will have a lot of competition.  Instead, use specific keywords such as “Transformers DVD” that will have less competition  and increase your CTR rate.

Get the word out about upcoming sales, a new product  launch, an upcoming event or as an additional method of communication with  your audience.  Keeping the  content concise yet graphically interesting is the main focus during the  design process.  Including links  back to your website to provide additional information as well as including  contact information is essential.   E-Blast campaigns are recommended for your existing client base and  prospects that are familiar with your services to avoid being classified as  Spam.