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Creating an  online store front has quickly become an essential part of retail  business.  Unlike a  bricks-and-mortar store front, an e-commerce business is competing in a much  larger arena where you can easily be buried on page 157.  Making sure you have high exposure to  potential clients is crucial for success.

Although the  buying experience online is different than in a traditional store, customers  are looking for the same level of service and ease of locating what they are  looking for.  Making sure that all  of your products are easily accessible to customers and that they can reach a  representative of your company quickly are two ways you can achieve  loyalty.

Additional  items to keep in mind are:

• Make sure you  have reliable hosting so your e-commerce site is always accessible
• Focus on  functionality and the ease of finding the products
• Streamline the  check-out process with only pertinent information needed to fulfill the  order
• Give your  customers the opportunity to register as a user or member with the ability to  view past orders and see the progress of current orders
•  Incorporate  “Live Help” on your site in case your customers have questions regarding your  products and services
• Obtain an SSL  (Secure Socket Layering) Certificate to ensure your transactions are encrypted  and increase customer confidence