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List Profiling

Are you maximizing the data you have about your customers? If not, we can help with our list profiling services. List profiling helps you sort through the information you have so you can make sense of your data to create a profile of what your ideal customer looks like. With this information you can market your products and services more effectively using a targeted approach.


Why Use List Profiling?

List profiling enables you to:

  • Segment a mailing list into distinct groups so you can tailor your communications to a more relevant audience
  • Buy or rent a mailing list based on the ideal “customer profile” to maximize your investment
  • Target your messaging, creative, call to action and offer more effectively
  • Determine the best response mechanism to use (such as personalized URLs and trackable phone numbers)
  • Generate a higher response from your marketing efforts by speaking to the “right audience”

List Profiling Services

The process of list profiling involves the use of key data points. Typical data points used for consumer profiling include information such as, marital status, gender, age, median home value, and household income. Business profiling data points include data such as location, SIC code, annual sales, and employee count. Using these data points as research tools to help you find your best prospects is the essence of data profiling. Our list profiling services include automated profiling, which profiles a mailing list against a template of multiple data points or custom profiling which is usually more detailed and accurate, and is sometimes referred to as data modeling. We can help you determine with method is best suited for your particular needs. Call us today so we can help you get started with your next direct mail campaign.