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List Management

At Dynamark our list management services can help you build a valuable marketing database. We don’t just help you buy a mailing list or maintain one, we help you build upon them with critical information to be used in your future marketing efforts to make them more efficient and effective.

Our list management services incorporate list acquisition with good old-fashioned marketing sense to help you build the best database for your lead generation and customer retention campaigns. We can work with your existing disparate lists to bring them together into an actionable database or we can help you acquire all new business or consumer names to market to.

Marketing databases tell you something about your customers and help you find prospects with similar characteristics. With our list management services we can help you turn your mailing lists into valuable databases by adding the necessary information you know about your customers to the list. Then, as we send direct mail for you, we can update the list/database with information such as what campaign and offer they responded to, how much they spent, their last purchase date, etc.

With our list management services, you get a team of professionals who can help you turn your basic list into a finely-tuned marketing tool that can be used for any number of marketing campaigns to help you meet your business growth objectives.