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List Acquisition

It’s been said that the biggest reason a direct mail program fails is due to the quality of the mailing list. That’s why at Dynamark list acquisition is an important part of the data services we provide. We know that when it comes to direct mail success, the right list can make the different between an acceptable response rate and a great response rate!


List Acquisition – Providers

With our list acquisition services you get access to our network of industry leading data providers including:

* Data Aggregators – companies that gather, compile and score data from a variety of sources
* Specialty List Providers – associations, clubs and organization that compile data on their members
* List Brokers – resources for many different kinds of lists
* Data Traders – lists from these companies are usually highly qualified leads.


List Acquisition -Types of Lists

All of our providers help us find the best possible mailing list for your needs. Whether you are looking for a list of targeted individuals who match an ideal profile based on lifestyles, age, income and more, or simply want a list of companies that match certain sales, geographic or industry defined criteria, we help you find the most accurate list.

The four most common mailing list types available with our list acquisition services are:

* Compiled lists
* Specialty lists
* Response/Donor lists
* Subscription lists

According to the Direct Marketing Association, about 60% of a direct marketing campaign’s effectiveness is driven by the accuracy and quality of the mailing list. You can have a great product and an attractive mail piece, but if you don’t have the right list, much of your efforts are wasted. List acquisition is a very important part of any direct mail program.

Acquiring the list is just one of our list acquisition services. Be sure to call Dynamark for help with all your mailing services needs.

In addition to list acquisition, we provide a host of data services including:

List Profiling

List Segmentation,

List Hygiene

and more.