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Direct Mail Testing and Refinement

Whether you use direct mail, email or both, most successful campaigns employ direct mail testing and refinement. Testing and refinement methods are used over multiple mailings to continually refine direct marketing strategy, messaging, and delivery—effectively improving response rates. By varying or testing elements of a direct mail campaign, you can continually hone your marketing.

Dynamark can help you with three direct mail testing and refinement processes:

Baselining. We’ll help you establish baseline response rates so expectations for improvement can be set.

A/B Testing. This refers to the process of changing one element of a direct marketing campaign at a time to gauge the results. Then, subsequent mailings use the version that received the highest response. This is usually done with a small subset of your mailing list so that you can apply the benefit learned during A/B testing to the rest of your list leading to a more cost effective campaign.

Multi-Variate Testing. This testing method is often used for multiple, large mailings and refers to the process of changing multiple elements of a campaign at the same time.

Options for Direct Mail Testing and Refinement

The following items used in a direct mail or email piece can be changed to improve results:

  • Recipients (mailing list or database)
  • Creative (graphic design)
  • Messaging (copy)
  • Offer
  • Call to action
  • Personalization
  • Timing of the mailing
  • Response mechanism (coupon, phone number, personalized URL, QR code, etc.)

At Dynamark Graphics Group Nashville, we help companies grow with our printing and marketing services. Direct mail testing and refinement is just one of the many ways we can help you improve your marketing.