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Marketing Data Services

Most companies are consumed with data—some relevant and most not. How do you know whether your data is critical to your future marketing needs or just wasted information? We provide our customers with Marketing Data Services to help them best use the data they have or to obtain needed data to meet critical business objectives.



Data Services to Support Your Marketing

Our comprehensive Marketing Data Services support direct mail, lead generation, integrated direct marketing campaigns and more. Each direct marketing campaign you do with us provides fuel for your next campaign—information such as what offer a prospect responded to, what and when they purchased and how much they spent—that’s data. Capturing data is one thing and using it effectively is another—our data services help you do both.

Our Data Services Include:

List ProfilingWe work with you to profile your best customers using over 30 demographic data points so you can find your best prospects with similar characteristics.

List Segmentation Our data services also include helping you segment your data into groups so you can market to each more effectively.

List Acquisition Once an ideal prospect has been profiled we can help you acquire a new mailing list based on key data points.

List Hygiene List hygiene ensures the data we are working with is clean and postal discounts are maximized. We can help you clean up your mailing list and append your data with any missing information. Typical data services for postal optimization include de-duping, merge/purge, CASS certification and checking again the National Change of Address database (NCOA).

Response Tracking and ReportingTo accurately track and measure your marketing performance, our data services also include the use of response tools such as trackable phone numbers, personalized URLs, business reply cards (BRCs) and more.

Direct Mail Testing and Refinement Our data services just wouldn’t be complete without testing and refinement to help maximum all of your marketing efforts.

Call us today for data services that can make your next campaign a success and help your business grow.