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Direct Mail Postcards

Dynamark’s direct mail services allow you to create a targeted marketing message and deliver it affordably. Attract prospects and encourage customer reactivation with direct mail. Direct marketing works best when it is targeted to a specific audience and then personalized to include that person’s name. Dynamark can help create the best possible mailing list (see below), handle the actual mailing and track to measure the effectiveness of your campaign. We have been in direct mail for over 40 years and have managed thousands of campaigns. Combining our marketing knowledge with our digital printing capabilities will create a dynamic mailing that will get results. A few ways to reach your audience include:

Postcards                     Brochures                    Flyers              Newsletters

Your mail campaign can be targeted to certain demographics with a personalized message using variable printing technology. Did you know research shows that sending personalized messages to a targeted audience increases response rates up to 15 times? Because you need results, Dynamark delivers results.

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Mail Merge and List Management

Who you send your campaign to matters. Many companies just buy lists blindly, never manage or update them and then wonder why their direct mail campaign fails. We work with each client to create a valuable database of customers and prospects.

We begin with a mail merge where we import your contacts into the mail database and help you pull together these disparate lists to build the core of a distribution list. To this, we can add purchased targeted lists based on demographics that match your ideal customer. We cull through these with good old-fashioned marketing sense to extend your mailing list.

Then as we conduct your campaign we can enhance this list by providing actionable data based on the response rate. This allows us to remove segments that are not responsive and explore deeper ones that are. Building, and refining, your mail list is a proactive process that pays dividends with each mailing.


Testing and Refinement

Direct mail campaigns should be constantly tested and refined to produce better results. At Dynamark, we take a systematic approach. Initially, we create baseline response rates, then we begin to improve various elements of the mailing. These can include changes to graphic and message, the offer, call to action, personalizing and even the timing of the mailing.

Once we know the baseline we can determine how subsequent mailings with these changes impact performance. We can isolate one or two variables or even do an A/B test where half of your list receives one version and half another. Monitoring will allow us to create a higher performing direct mail campaign.


Direct Mail Tracking and Reporting

Analyzing marketing performance is critical to sustaining success. Responses are great, not just for sales, but to tell you how your message is perceived and acted on. Knowing cost per lead, the time frame for conversion and which media performed best allows you to make better-informed business decisions. A few tracking mechanisms Dynamark uses are:

Business Reply Cards             Web Site Addresses                Coupons

Trackable Phone Numbers      Personalized URLs                 QR Codes

We track this information for every client and report our results. Most importantly, we spend the time with you to interpret and make sure you understand the actionable steps to take on your next campaign.

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