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Why Smart Companies never stop marketing

Why Smart Companies never stop marketing

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It’s universal: All companies experience slow times and busy times. Both periods often tempt business leaders to cut or temporarily suspend funds they’ve allocated for marketing. The rationale goes something like this: “It’s really slow right now, so I should reduce expenses, starting with marketing. Maybe it’s not working, anyway.” Or on the flip side: “We’re super busy right now, and since we’re doing so well, I could cut back on marketing and save a ton of money.” While both reactions seem normal and justifiable, neither is particularly wise or good for long-term success. 

Here’s why: If you stop—then later resume—marketing, you risk losing ground (leads, opportunities, top-of-mind awareness) that must be regained with even more marketing. In addition, if you maintain visibility when skittish competitors cut back, you’ll automatically gain the edge and they’ll be the ones playing catch‑up when the turnaround comes. If you absolutely, positively have to scale back on marketing, invest your energy into other beneficial, no- or low-cost activities, such as networking, starting new alliances/partnerships, or reaching out to previous customers.  

So what about the busy times, when marketing seems unnecessary? Keep doing it anyway. It helps businesses maintain awareness, generate demand, create brand preference, and grow, grow, grow. And that’s why smart companies never stop marketing. It’s best to think of marketing as a form of nurturing rather than a one-time fix to a particular problem. If you stop, you will eventually exhaust all the leads you’ve previously earned and be left with whatever customer relationships you’ve managed to sustain. Sometimes, a marketing campaign can take time to produce results, but once it gains speed, the benefits are indispensable.