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What’s Hot & Not: Your Q2 Digital Marketing Snapshot

What’s Hot & Not: Your Q2 Digital Marketing Snapshot

in InfoSource, Trends in the Marketplace

Smart marketers like to plan their initiatives well in advance. But most are savvy enough to monitor their markets’ fleeting fancies and adapt programs accordingly. This summary of emerging trends may provide the impetus and insight you need to improve results in Q3 and beyond. 

1. Skyrocketing Instagram Use. Now a billion users strong, the image-and-video-sharing social platform continues its rapid ascent. With a sound strategy and a little creativity, almost any business can benefit from the service. However, those who target a younger audience and/or offer visually compelling goods or services stand to reap the biggest returns. 

2. Expanding Chatbot Adoption. These software-driven “concierges” support user interactions in a variety of tasks. And people are getting used to them. As costs drop and ease of deployment improves, expect bot-adoption to universally increase. 

3. Facebook May Have Peaked. It’s still the number one social platform, despite 2018’s double-digit ad-rate increases. Eighty-nine percent of B2B companies polled by Hootsuite currently use Facebook for business. But most marketers know about the behemoth’s highly publicized troubles, including (among others), security breaches, faked accounts and eroding public trust. “If you’re one of the five million businesses that advertise or market on Facebook, then the recent hubbub around [its] misuse of user data should be a concern,” cautions Jumpshot, a global business intelligence firm. 

4. Live Video. Trend watchers have labeled live streaming one of the fastest-rising stars in digital marketing saying it’s especially effective when combined with influencer marketing. “When done right, live streaming’s spontaneity and interactivity can undoubtedly be a big draw,” says the Digital Marketing Institute.