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Website Design 2018: a snapshot of the latest trends

Website Design 2018: a snapshot of the latest trends

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“Hey small-business marketer, your content is so awesome, I’m not the least bit bothered by the fuchsia lettering over that lime-green background” – said no one. Ever. Yes, such a combo may appeal to some visitors. But outdated or poorly executed design applied to your site’s imagery, color palette, fonts, or navigational structure, could alienate many prospects and customers to your brand. Are we advocating that you chase the latest design trends? Not necessarily. We are recommending that you know what’s happening in the world of web design. So that when refresh time comes, you’ll speak the same language as your designer. Here are a few design trends you may encounter.

1. Cinemagraphs – these high-quality, eye-catching (often quite clever) videos or GIFs run on a continuous loop to add movement and visual interest to otherwise static pages; Netflix, Apple, Nordstrom and other big brands use them, and the cost is apparently coming down.

2. Brutalism – this effect has emerged in response to what some consider the goody-two-shoes tidiness (read: increased standardization) of design in recent years. As the name implies, brutalism is characterized by stark, asymmetrical, non-conformist visuals, and a palpable lack of visual order.

3. Ultra-minimalism – this is classic minimalism to the extreme, says Hubspot, noting that “Some designers are defying conventions …displaying just the absolute bare necessities.”

4. Big bold typography  –this treatment, often used on the home page, works best with a clean, minimalist layout. Of course, we’d prefer to show, not merely tell you about, the latest web-design techniques. Since we can’t provide visual examples here, we suggest searching ‘web design trends 2018’ to see for yourself and as you find inspiration, please call us and we’ll put those ideas to work for you.