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Tips for Building a Millennial-Friendly Mail Campaign

Tips for Building a Millennial-Friendly Mail Campaign

in InfoSource, Trends in the Marketplace

Yes, you read that right: Millennial-friendly direct mail. Turns out they love it.

Who would have guessed? The generation that cut its teeth on the internet, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all manner of social and digital marketing enjoys receiving printed mail–moreover, they hold print media in much higher regard than the material they see online. 

What? It’s true, according to the United States Postal Service (USPS), which released a compilation of research data supporting the claims. In one study, 95% of those ages 18 to 29 admitted they ‘felt positive’ about receiving personal mail, citing their enjoyment of mail’s tactile experience, and the ability to link to and share both video content and promotional offers.

Other studies show that 75% of Millennials believe that direct mail is ‘valuable,’ while 90% of the upper end (ages 25-34) believe direct mail is ‘reliable.’ If such confidence in traditional direct marketing doesn’t have you salivating, consider that 82% of Millennials find messages printed on paper more trustworthy than screen-based messages. Combine these powerful insights with things you already know about Millennials–that they’re cause-conscious, eschew a hard-sell, and cozy-up to personalization–and you have the foundation for a powerful new Millennial-engagement strategy. Tactically, this can include connecting printed pieces to video and other interactive elements via QR codes, and amplifying direct mail by tying it to your social media accounts.

We also like the idea of using ‘shaped’ mail (featuring creative design and die cuts) to grab attention. Also, enhancing mailpieces with 3D effects or applying a scent, texture or sound. However you execute your ideas, consider highlighting your most important information in print. Because with Millennials, it will probably be read.

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