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The Inside Scoop on Outsourcing: Top 5 Reasons to Do It

The Inside Scoop on Outsourcing: Top 5 Reasons to Do It

in InfoSource, Trends in the Marketplace

Today’s robust economy is great for smaller firms. Phones ring. Sales jump. And employees in every department keep busy, busy, busy. Sometimes, too busy—like your in-house marketing team. If they’re like others these days, they’re working into the night, and maybe even on—all to meet the demand for greater marketing support. Somehow the work gets done. But smart managers know that employee burnout is real. And, as Adobe cautions, those involved in digital marketing are, particularly at risk. So, rather than overworking your full-time staff, why not look at outsourcing?

Many companies doand here’s why:

1. Cost control.  Outsourcing helps you avoid the expense of hiring and training full-timers. You’ll also save the cost of employee vacations, bonuses and benefits.

2. Access to expertise. Your team may be highly skilled in some areas, such as branding or graphic design, but less so in others, such as data services or mobile marketing. Outsourcing can fill these gaps with experienced pros that require little hand holding or steep learning curve.

3. Different perspectives. “Outside specialists bring fresh insights, experience, and knowledge that many in-house teams have not been exposed to,” says Forbes. The benefit? Creative solutions that may not have otherwise surfaced.

4. Scalability.
Outsourcing lets you ramp up or wind down support according to workload demands. Have a big integrated campaign slated to last three months? Bring in the experts you need, then cut them loose when the deadline is reached.

5. Happier staff. Effective marketing demands energy, attention and creativity, all of which are easily sapped when deadlines and job pressures run high. Outsourcing provides some much-needed relief, giving regular staffers some extra time to step back, recharge and refocus on critical tasks.

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