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Is Your Signage Ready for a Refresh?

Is Your Signage Ready for a Refresh?

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Business owners and marketers know well the myriad roles even simple signage plays in the success of their operations. Banners, posters, POS displays and other signs are on the job 24/7, creating interest, enticing buyers, even getting slow movers to fly off the shelves.

But keeping up with sign strategy and maintenance can temporarily go by the wayside, turning once vibrant, attractive displays into dated, brand-bruising eyesores. It’s important to keep your signage working hard and looking great, all year round. Here are some tips:

• Begin by walking the floor. Scrutinize all customer-facing real estate, including lobbies, showrooms, waiting rooms, counters, exterior doors and windows.

• Look at the quality. Are they fresh looking, free of dust? Material that’s frayed or faded may give customers a bad impression.

• Consider the quantity. Are there too many signs…or maybe not enough?  Would adding or removing a few help sales or improve the shopper experience?

• Messaging: Will customers find your headlines engaging, accurate and informative?

• Brand alignment: Have you rebranded lately or updated your logo? Make sure all signage reflects the most current color palette and typestyles.

• Social opportunities: If you’re new to social media, look for ways to include social logos and requests for likes, reviews and follows into POS and countertop signs.

• Add QR codes, where appropriate, to encourage interaction.

• Location: Sometimes simply moving posters or banners elevates their visibility and impact on buying behavior.

• Seasonal inventory:  Think about any upcoming holidays and decide whether new signs or graphics would help accentuate the occasion and enhance the in-store experience.


Regardless the condition of your signs, Dynamark is happy to provide you with a signage evaluation and refresh. Call today to speak with a sign specialist.

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