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Rebranding in 2019? Include These Steps to Success

Rebranding in 2019? Include These Steps to Success

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Businesses rebrand themselves for any number of reasons: fast growth, slow growth, a change in name, focus or strategic direction. Whatever the motivation, it’s a high-stakes process with a lot of moving parts. While we hesitate to say “proceed with caution” (a brand refresh can be rewarding and even fun), we do advise that you take your time, be intentional and include the following steps:

1. Involve existing customers.

Survey them to find out why they like and buy from you, and (specifically) what keeps them coming back. Leverage these insights to update your brand’s messaging, imagery and voice. Introducing a new logo or tagline? Solicit customer feedback and favorites first. How you publicize their response is up to you. “You can be as open and public or as secretive and private…as you like,” says Marketing Land. If your base is loyal and willing, why not go big on social media and link back to your website questionnaire? Would you rather keep your facelift on the down-low? Survey your most loyal clientele via email or ask questions face-to-face inside your store. However you involve them, people will appreciate the gesture.

2. Pace the change.

Too-stark updates could startle customers and push them to a rival. Smaller, more iterative adjustments—in color palette, language, and visual style—may lessen the jolt and ease the transition.

3. Look at local.

Rebranding any local business should include confirming information in your Google My Business (GMB) profile, most importantly, the accuracy and distribution of web-wide “citations” such as NAP (business name, address, phone number). This step may require specialized third-party expertise but is essential to retaining search rankings and public trust. If 2019 is your year for a rebrand, make sure to get all the professional help you need.