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Reasons & Tips for Improving Website User Experience

Reasons & Tips for Improving Website User Experience

in InfoSource, Trends in the Marketplace

In a small company, the primary marketing tool is often a website. This places a heavy
burden on it to effectively handle lead generation, brand building, customer education and other business-critical functions. One proven way to bolster your site is by focusing on the user experience (UX). UX in web design seeks to enhance visitor satisfaction by optimizing efficiency and usability. Foremost, a positive UX helps you meet user expectations, which today, runs high, thanks to the feel-good digital experiences delivered by big-budget marketers at Amazon, Apple and other popular brands. Although you may not have such deep pockets, you can still improve how visitors experience your site, where even minor enhancements can help: 

Inspire trust and deepen users’ emotional connection to your company.

Position your firm as one that understands customers and, better yet, solves their problems. 

Stimulate repeat visits, as well as glowing referrals and online reviews. Of course, you can do many things to improve website UX. But if you’re new to the concept, here’s an easy place to start.

First, be them. Through users’ eyes, take a fresh look at headlines, visuals, nav menu and buttons. Note your first impressions. Does the site feel inviting or daunting? Are visuals and voice consistent with your brand personality?

Next, review content. Is it useful, relevant, easy to find? Are you targeting and tackling visitors’ pain points?

Then, check buttons throughout the site to see that you’re letting users know when their actions have been acknowledged. Use pop-up boxes to say “Welcome!,” “Thank You,” or “Download Complete!” This lets people know that their action or request has been received. As one IBM engineer once famously observed: “Ease of use may be invisible. But its absence certainly isn’t.”