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Mobilize Your Email Campaign

Mobilize Your Email Campaign

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If you’re thinking email marketing is a thing of the past, think again. Email still plays a vital role in the marketing mix. However, marketers need to more closely consider specific customer needs and wants to keep their email marketing effective.
One of those “needs and wants” pertains to the fact that many more subscribers are reading emails on the go using smartphones and tablets. Accordingly, marketers need to ensure that their messages are readable and mobile-friendly. For instance, since most smartphones only display four to six words in the subject line, placing key messages upfront is vital. In addition, content itself must be clear and easy to navigate with fingers and not just with a mouse. By checking the message on both a PC and a smartphone, marketers can ensure that there isn’t a need for viewers to toggle back and forth or shrink/enlarge the message.
Another way to address specific customer needs and wants is to give subscribers more control over what information they want to receive. This means always including an unsubscribe option as well as contact information. Not only does this give readers the choice to opt out, it can help avoid the message being marked as SPAM or placed on blacklists.
Think outside the box when it comes to email marketing tactics. For example, personalizing the messaging can help build stronger relationships, and targeting offers and promotions to your customers’ needs and wants are both excellent ways to keep your email relevant.

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