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Mobile Marketing Trends (and what to do about them)

Mobile Marketing Trends (and what to do about them)

in InfoSource, Trends in the Marketplace

 To say that the world has gone mad for mobile is an understatement of the first degree. Of course it has! Look no further than your own mobile habits as evidence. How often and how much people now use mobile devices, and ways marketers address the tectonic behavioral shifts, are revealed in 2018’s mobile landscape and trends. 

1. Mobile shoppers: This year, more than 200 million people will shop for products and services using a mobile device. Smartphone users will spend nearly 90 hours per month on mobile browsing, accounting for nearly 60% of total search engine queries. 

2. Progressive web apps: This next generation of mobile apps acts more like a web page than an app-store download. Brands that have switched, such as Pinterest and Lancôme, report noteworthy increases in engagement and conversions. 

3. Mobile-first indexing: Google crawls and stores web pages to determine what they’re all about. What’s important for marketers is that the search giant now indexes the mobile, not desktop, version of your site. So ranking highly in the search results means taking a ‘mobile first’ approach, which also includes optimizing for faster page loads. 

4. Mobile voice search: Soon, nearly half of all adults will use voice search at least once per day, looking for restaurants, service businesses and even products. You can ready your site by featuring not only customer-relevant keywords and phrases, but also more ‘semantic’ search phrases: “Find Flower Shops in Denver” versus merely “Flower Shops, Denver.” 

5. Preference for video: Video is a multi-generational favorite. But 70% of Millennials (the group that will soon comprise 75% of the workforce) prefer video over all forms of content, as does nearly 60% of Gen Xers. Mobile is here. Mobile is now. How will you respond? 

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