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Mailers Not Moving the Needle? Check These Four Things.

Mailers Not Moving the Needle? Check These Four Things.

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With one full quarter of 2020 marketing behind you, now may be a good time to pause and assess how your direct mail marketing (DMM) is doing. DMM remains a favored small-business tactic, in part because of its impact, engagement and rock-solid ROI. Sixty-six percent of direct mail is opened and reviewed, according to, and studies show that brand recall is up to 70% higher when consumers are exposed to direct mail. 

On average, integrated campaigns that include mail garner 35% more attention than digital-only initiatives. One challenge, however, is that mail is only as effective as its weakest component. And as every marketer knows, even a modest mail campaign has many moving parts. If you want to improve your DMM performance in Q2 and beyond, root out and eliminate mistakes like these:

1. A bad list. No matter which list type you use, outdated or mistargeted data can waste resources and torpedo results. If your average response rates fall short of the norm (9% for house lists, 5% rented, per the DMA), review your list(s) first thing.

2. Second-rate creative. Even with simple mailers, ‘compelling and irresistible’ should always be the goal. To save money, some businesses settle for less-than-professional production quality. While this may seem economical in the short run, over time, sub-par mailpieces may hurt the brand more than help it.

3. A “who cares?” offer. Audiences are more likely to respond if you give them a good enough reason. Many successful campaigns revolve around the offer. So make sure it’s something recipients care about.

4. Weak tracking. Tracking helps you measure what’s working and what’s not. Without it, you’re flying blind. Among methods recommended by the USPS include PURLs, QR codes, 1-800 numbers, a business reply card, and activation codes. 


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