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Leveraging Customer Insight for More Targeted Communications

Leveraging Customer Insight for More Targeted Communications

in Trends in the Marketplace

Staying relevant, valued and connected to customers — in other words, deepening the engagement — has become the number one challenge for marketers according to the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council report, Routes to Revenue.
In the report, marketers identified tactics and strategies that they feel are critical to deepening engagement. Nearly 60 percent said they intend to improve customer segmentation, profiling and targeting, while 30 percent reported that they were embracing more personalized, multichannel communications across all customer touch points.
Tailoring and targeting communications on an individual level to improve marketing campaign response can be accomplished fairly easily by using mass-customization technologies in print and digital channels. The problem is that the ability to tailor and target depends largely on a company’s ability to understand its customers across the entire relationship lifecycle. This understanding in turn requires continuous tracking of purchasing activity, buying intention, and cross-sell and upsell opportunities as well as a strong commitment to customer data integration (CDI).
The conclusion of the report is that marketers must start now – regardless of current levels of CDI – to better leverage customer insight and to better understand messaging and content preferences. Only then can they deliver more compelling, relevant and actionable communications at the right place, at the right time and through the most preferred format or channel of communication that will influence behavior and trigger purchases.

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