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How Buyers Evaluate Professional Services Providers

How Buyers Evaluate Professional Services Providers

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If you haven’t invested time or effort in modernizing your website lately, it might be time to call on a web services professional for some advice. That’s because buyers consult service providers’ websites most commonly for evaluations, according to a recent study conducted by Hinge Research Institute and reported by MarketingProfs.

In fact, an astounding 81 percent of professional services buyers reported they review websites. The services regularly procured by respondents include accounting/finance, marketing/communications, legal, technology, management consulting and architecture/engineering/construction.

After buyers surfed your website, they headed to Google for some reputation research and 60 percent scanned social media channels to discover what they could learn about service providers. LinkedIn topped their research preferences.

“Among social media platforms, LinkedIn is far and away the most commonly used source of information on service providers. Given the platform’s professional focus, this doesn’t come as a surprise — and sends a clear message as to where sellers should focus their social media efforts,” Hinge Research Institute research wrote in its, “Beyond Referrals: How Today’s Buyers Check You Out.”

But they didn’t stop online. Sixty two percent of buyers asked others whether they’ve heard of the person/firm, and 56 percent talked to their references.

Another surprising fact that Hinge learned in its research is that buyers of professional services are cautious. They researched 3.2 methods on average to explore a firm.