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Five Reasons to Consider Having Your Own Mobile App

Five Reasons to Consider Having Your Own Mobile App

in InfoSource, Trends in the Marketplace

Mobile applications are those always-on programs that reside on your customers’ smartphones, 24/7. Statistics show that the average adult spends around four hours—roughly 70% of their total time on their smartphone—using mobile apps. For growth-minded firms, this dependence may spell opportunity. A 2017 survey of 355 business owners and managers reveals that 42% have already developed a branded mobile app mainly to increase sales and improve customer service and that nearly 70% expect to do so by year’s end—a notable 50% expected margin of increase. So is a mobile app right for your firm? It depends—on your goals, budget and commitment to using it. An app may not be right for you. Or it could deliver exactly the marketing advantages you seek, including the ability to: 

1. Market directly to customers: apps put information and promotions right at users’ fingertips; push notifications allow you to send reminders, offers, updates and more directly to their device, whenever you want. 

2. Differentiate from competitors: since most businesses (your local rivals included) still don’t have an app, there’s greater growth, branding and loyalty building opportunities for those that do. 

3. Increase engagement and retention: being in your customers’ pockets 24/7 inherently deepens your connection to them, provided you deliver the information, content and experience that keep them coming back. 

4. Add value to the experience: take that old loyalty program and digitize it to your mobile app, where customers delight in watching rewards pile up before their eyes. 

5. Boost your visibility: every time consumers scroll through their phone screens, they see your app logo; whether they click it or not, they’re still seeing your brand icon—multiple times per day. 


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