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Five Online Personalities You Need to Know — and How to Market to Them

Five Online Personalities You Need to Know — and How to Market to Them

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Is there such a thing as a digital DNA?  According to a new global study from MasterCard, the answer is yes, and businesses can benefit from tailoring their online marketing efforts to address each personality effectively.  The “Digital Sharing and Trust Project” report identified five personas — Open Sharers, Simply Interactors, Solely Shoppers, Passive Users and Proactive Protectors — and categorized the actions they take with personal information and how much value they place on their own data.

“In today’s digital world, consumers are continuing to spend more of their time and money online,” said Theodore Iacobuzio, vice president of MasterCard’s Global Insights group.

“That’s all the more reason that understanding these five distinct personas will be important for a variety of audiences, but perhaps most especially for retailers and marketers.  By better understanding why consumers want to share their information online in the first place, companies can be better prepared to engage with them in more meaningful and relevant ways.”

Some of the key findings about each online persona group include:

Open Sharers (21 % of online consumers) expect deals, access and offers in return.

Simply Interactors (21 %) will research products online but prefer to shop in person.

Solely Shoppers (21 %) use their mobile phone to price check in-store to get the best deals.

Passive Users (20 %) are more willing to trade their data for something in return.

Proactive Protectors (17 %) are the most guarded with their privacy settings.