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Emerging Applications for Marketing with Digital Signage

Emerging Applications for Marketing with Digital Signage

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Given how quickly technological advances can find a home in marketing­—big data, social media, voice-driven web searches, for example­—the rapid adoption of digital signage is no surprise to alert small business marketers. By 2022, sales of digital signage solutions will exceed $27 billion, according to Digital Signage Today, a whopping 62 percent increase over 2015. Experts attribute the medium’s spectacular growth to its unique ability to maximize the customer experience by delivering content that’s more targeted, engaging and interactive than ever.

Popular Applications

Displaying user-generated content (UGC). Imagine their delight—and yours—when displaying customers’ social media posts in real time on screens throughout your location (“Loving my deal/discount/shopping experience at XYZ—check it out!”). Now imagine thanking the customer instantly by delivering an electronic next-purchase discount coupon directly to her cell phone via beacons. 

Pairing digital signs with beacons. Beacons are small physical devices that use app-driven technology based on Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) signals to send messages to shoppers as they pass by digital signage. Beacons can transmit data such as special or targeted offers to anyone whose smartphones have a beacon-ready app installed and BLE enabled. By some estimates, there will be around five million beacons in use across the US by 2018, up from half a million today, with the trend of pairing beacons with digital signage also expected to rise.

Publicizing corporate values. Companies that ignore marketing to Millennials do so at their own peril, and among the issues these young buyers care most about are social and environmental responsibility. Why not unbury your initiatives and achievements in these areas and proudly showcase them on your digital signage displays?