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Email Tips to Improve Results and ROI

Email Tips to Improve Results and ROI

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 If you were satisfied with last year’s email marketing results, congratulations! Just reload and enjoy another year of awesome. But if you want to up your game and beat previous returns, try these highly effective best practice tips. 

List Growth: Start by assessing and refreshing the appeal of subscription lead magnets (ebooks, coupons, white papers and the like). Explore new ways to make them more enticing, perhaps enlist a new creative services provider. 

Segmentation: Revisit and clarify your customer segmentation strategy. How should it differ this year from last? Review current methods’ effectiveness and results, and verify that you’re emailing according to subscribers’ preferences, interests, and behaviors. 

Open Rates: Avoid ROI-killing spam filters by confirming all opt-ins and only sending campaigns from verified domains. Make subject lines more creative but don’t sacrifice clarity for cleverness. Also, avoid super-salesy trigger words. 

Optimize for Mobile: Keep formatting to one column that’s less than 600 pixels wide and use fonts that clearly display on smaller screens. Feature a large call-to-action button to boost click-through rates. 

Lead Nurturing: Improve your understanding of autoresponder features and use. Analyze your current email sequence to identify weaknesses and gaps. Eyeball the new-subscriber welcome series and cross-sell/up-sell promotion emails to see if they’re converting. 

Get a Fresh Start: If your email service isn’t cutting it, assign someone to research other options. Ask your provider to step up their level of support. Finally, accept that it may be time for a change and invite other platform providers in for a demo.