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Email Marketing Tips: Do This Not That Next Year

Email Marketing Tips: Do This Not That Next Year

in InfoSource, Trends in the Marketplace

HubSpot’s 2019 list of email marketing stats again showed why that channel is one of the small-business marketer’s most popular, powerful and profitable tools. For example, more than 93% of B2B marketers use email to distribute content, while 80% of pros in the B2C space believe that email increases customer retention. HubSpot also says that every dollar spent on email marketing generates $38, which equates to a whopping 3,800% return on investment, leading more than 60% of marketers to call email their “biggest source of ROI.” So with the New Year looming, and leaders’ hopes running high, how can marketers sustain 2019’s hard-earned successes with email marketing? Refer to this simple list of email do’s and don’ts, and call Dynamark for additional help or information. 

DO: Mail only to lists with high rates of activity and engagement. Sending to unresponsive, low-open-rate subscribers will only hurt your reputation.

DON’T: Send “graymail.” These are messages, sent to legitimate opt-ins, that are never actually opened. This also drags down open rates and degrades your mailer status.

DO: Have a goal for every outbound piece. Whatever it is―download a resource, view an offer, redeem a promo, complete a form―craft and combine elements around this singular goal. It will ensure clarity and improve response.

DON’T: Send emails from a “no-reply” email account. Rather, to add a personal touch, push subscriber replies to a real employee’s address.

DO: Write snappy, thoughtful subject lines of best-practice length. Clickbaiting this verbiage can only lead to ruin, so avoid it. Instead, use personalization to refine and customize the line. You may also experiment with emojis. Nearly 60% of brands in one HubSpot-cited study said that emails sporting an emoji in the subject line garnered higher open rates.