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Crank Up the Volume of Your Audio Content Marketing

Crank Up the Volume of Your Audio Content Marketing

in InfoSource, Trends in the Marketplace

When given brief pockets of free time –driving, commuting, lunch breaks, working out–a surprising percentage of people today (your customers included) enjoy making the best of otherwise idle moments by entertaining or educating themselves with (non-musical) audio content. Naturally, alert B2C and B2B marketers have noted this trend, and are actively exploring ways to capitalize on the current craze by adding (some or more) audio to their mix.

Of course, the cardinal rule of all content marketing is to provide value, with resources like a free white paper or e-book. The same holds true with audio. Make it interesting, informative and relevant, and odds are good that your audience will engage. Here are some ways to expand your content strategy with audio.  

1. Branded Podcasts. This is arguably the best (although not the easiest) tactic to consider because people can’t seem to get enough of them. Experts predict that podcasting will double its reach to 112 million listeners by 2021. Also, two-thirds of podcast listeners from one Edison Research poll were more likely to buy products and services promoted via that format. 

2. Audiogram Videos. Or simply audiograms, feature a static image, overlaid with an audio file (and cool moving voice waves) are gaining traction with marketers because they’re economical (often free), effective and mobile-friendly. Plus, they can be easily pushed as a video to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Auphonic, Headliner and Full Episode are some current providers. 

3. Repurposed Print Content. Recording and posting blog articles and other written materials is far and away the easiest, most economical way to generate more audio. Just make sure pieces are read by someone who can bring them to life with energy and enthusiasm, and not just parrot them in a dull, monotone fashion.