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Connect More Directly By Segmenting Your List

Connect More Directly By Segmenting Your List

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Whether you’re using email or direct mail, one of the quickest ways to generate added revenue from your subscriber list is to sort and group your recipients into various segments. List segmentation will take time to set up, but once complete, it’s fairly easy to maintain.

These suggestions compiled from Website Magazine will help you email smarter by segmenting your list so you can send more personalized, relevant messages:


Segment your subscriber names according to actions they’ve taken, what they purchased, or if they haven’t purchased in a while.


Sort your email subscribers into different categories that will trigger more personalized messages. Subscribers can be grouped at least three different ways:

1. New Leads—subscribers who have just opted in but not yet made a purchase (typically acquired via a homepage opt-in form or lead-gen landing pages).

2. Current Customers—subscribers who purchased anytime during the current year, or last 12 months.

3. Prior-Year Customers—subscribers who made a purchase sometime during the previous year.

Establishing different segments of subscribers allows marketers to customize messages and the frequency at which they’re sent. This type of direct marketing strategy will allow you to plan your campaign calendar and maximize engagement, while minimizing unsubscribes and complaints. This will also help ensure you don’t exceed the limits set by your email service provider. Not convinced? Run A/B testing comparing segmented versus non-segmented lists.