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Choosing The Words For Your Brochures

Choosing The Words For Your Brochures

in Trends in the Marketplace

by: Colleen Davis

Words are a very powerful tool especially when printing brochures. The words that you inscribe in brochure printing can make or break your brochure, setting the circumstances for success and failure. That is why you have to choose carefully and creatively the words that you use for brochure printing. They must always be geared correctly for the success of your brochure. In this article, we will teach you how to choose the words for your brochures wisely so that your brochures will find success in the market place.

Identifying your brochure power words: Initially, you may first want to identify the power words for your brochures. Power words are basically the words that epitomize the wants and needs of the reader when they read a specific kind of brochure. These are the words that have impact on them, making them respond and pay attention to the brochures. Depending on your business or industry this may vary from brochure to brochure, and it is really up to your market research on what those power words should be.

As an example, let’s try to figure out the possible power words for a tourist brochure. Since your key demographic are tourists then you need to stick to words that tourists usually respond to. This can be something like “discount accommodations”, “travel savings”, “relaxation”, “cheap rooms” or “luxury rooms”. These power words represent what most tourists look for when they travel. So be sure to include these words when you print brochures. This will make the brochures more effective and engaging to your readers.

Knowing what your readers like: Besides power words, you should also determine what your readers particularly like. Unlike power words which are usually broad and can be used all the time, there are also particular words that are more popular for one year and different from the next. In our travel brochure for example, in one season the tourists may come for the beaches only, while on the next season, a new influx of tourists aim for more extreme water sports. Knowing these subtle changes should also help you compose your brochure. You have to match the prevailing wants of your brochure readers to your content so that they can easily find the information they want in your brochure. So try to keep an eye out for these subtle changes in wants and words and adapt your brochure designs appropriately.

Introducing buzz terms: Lastly, you may want to try adding new “buzz terms” just to try something unique and memorable in your brochures. Buzz terms are basically “made up terms” or as others put it, natural evolution of words depending on the needs of the markets. Buzz terms if thought of correctly can catch on and make your brochures stand out among other ones. This by effect makes your business unique as well. So choose your terms and buzzwords correctly for your brochure. Examples of buzzwords include “nationwidest coverage”, “wonderlicious” and “beachtastic”. They are of course made up words, but more or less people know what they mean. If you can create something that is meaningful and catchy, your brochure can succeed immensely.

All in all, the basic point that you should take from all this is to get the words with the most impact and attention grabbing potential. Using these words and exploiting them will help your brochures succeed in helping your business grow and be successful. So be creative and be cunning with your words for brochure printing. Good Luck!