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Active Advertising with Direct Mail Postcards

Active Advertising with Direct Mail Postcards

in Trends in the Marketplace

by: Joel Owens

In today’s digital age, direct mail postcards combine innovation and old-world charm to win customers. As a marketing tool, it offers a lot of potential. It brings advertising to a higher level by seeking prospective customers instead of waiting passively for customers to come to know of the business in due time.

Give your business a boost with direct mail postcards and your sales will surely take off by itself. Take a good look at today’s postcards. Not only are they more durable but they are better looking, too.

The quality with which postcards are made today is remarkable. The combined design and print industry innovations allowed postcards to become as refined as they are today. Thus, this opens postcards to a lot of possibilities, especially as a marketing tool.

Using the established postal service, postcards reach more homes far better than what it took in the past. This simple method of handing mail and other printed document still works perfectly, especially since postcards appeal to the tactile sense.

It is more appealing because it is something we can touch and hold with our own hands. This is something that e-commerce and web-based schemes still cannot accomplish.

Direct mail postcards are about that and more. They are not just mementos, which hold short messages of hellos given to family and friends. Now, you can use postcards to win over clients too.

Postcards can be very convincing and motivating. Imagine how inviting a colorful postcard can be when it requests your attendance to an event, celebration and the like. It would certainly influence the way you look at the event and even attend.

Direct mail postcards are handy and well-designed prints designed to capture the attention of your target market.

So what makes postcards appealing for individuals and businesses? Let us find out.

  • Postcards are well crafted.
    • Printing postcards is not your average home-based print process. It is about finding the right materials and the appropriate coating to finish the job. Most printers prefer the high quality 14 pt gloss cover stock that is bright white in color and super smooth even without additional coating.The thick card stock doubles in function as it makes your postcards more durable during handling and shipping. To this, your print designs are preserved better and in great condition when it arrives.
  • Postcards are a combination of strength and beauty.
    • Postcards are tough and durable, but at the same time, are pieces of art where great design emerges. Postcard print’s beauty is further enhanced with these three coatings.Aqueous coating gives your postcards an added sheen. But for a glossier effect, UV coated is the choice to make. It is also weather resistant that makes it more effective at withstanding heat and moisture. Matte also seals your prints and it give a natural, subdued finish that makes it elegant looking.
  • Postcards are multi-functional.
    • Anyone can use a postcard and it is not just for direct mail. You can transform them into becoming business reply cards, registration forms, order forms and the like, aside from just advertising.
  • Postcards are easily distributed.
    • Postcards enjoy the advantage of being just the right size to fit into standard mailboxes and mail slots. It can also be inserted in other publications for easier distribution. It can be pretty small or big, but whichever way you prefer it, it works just as well.As such, postcards can easily be given away during events or mailed to specified persons by the numbers, without it proving to be very costly.
  • Postcards are inexpensive.
    • Postcards cost less to print and design than the average brochures and catalogs. They can sell an idea, concept and of course, products and services as well as other print materials.Direct mail postcards are definitely a lot of things. More importantly, they are as effective as they are versatile in bringing customers in. Given the many advantages of direct mail postcards, it certainly is your business’ new window to a lot of opportunities.