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7 Ways to Turn SMEs into Content Marketers

7 Ways to Turn SMEs into Content Marketers

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One of the most valuable roles of the social media manager is to influence subject matter experts (SMEs) to think like content marketers. SMEs are an underutilized asset and can be very disarming when engaging with prospects and customers. SMEs factually convey value at the precise time a prospect wants to hear it. And it is typically void of sales fluff, which can be appealing to prospective buyers.

Pam Didner, global integrated marketing manager for Intel Corp. and Vince Giorgi, vice president of solutions development at Hanley Wood Marketing, offer these suggestions to bridge the gap between social media managers and SMEs:

1. Make sure SMEs understand the strategic objective. People are often more committed once they understand the cause they’re being asked to support.

2. Reward content marketing activities with monthly gift cards or other incentives.

3. Make SMEs’ job easier by developing a fill-in-the-blanks template.

4. Share samples you consider particularly effective with SMEs.

5. Take content SMEs have already developed and show them how it can be sliced and diced into a webinar and a few blog posts.

6. Foster friendly internal competition by publicizing whose tweets, posts, videos or white papers are gaining the most downloads and social sharing. Provide rewards for the top performers.

7. Rather than expect every SME to develop pieces from start to finish, pair those who need it most with a writer who can turn their knowhow into stories. SMEs might be more willing to produce X number of assets if their role is to inform the content and review for accuracy once it’s written.