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7 Useful Tips for a Successful Tradeshow

7 Useful Tips for a Successful Tradeshow

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You’ve planned for months. You have an eye-catching booth, your marketing collateral conveys a clear call to action and your product already shipped to the show site. What else can you do to make sure you have a good outcome for the show?

From start to finish, here are seven tips from the professionals:

  • Up your ROI by always sending a pre-show mailer inviting attendees to visit your booth
  • Hold a pre-con meeting first thing opening day to discuss booth duty and who is managing each area
  • Lead collection—All visitor attendee badges should be scanned. Any conversations that happened on the show floor should be documented on that lead’s record.
  • At the start of each show day, dust off booth properties and products, double-check that trash cans were emptied and the carpet was vacuumed. Positively no eating or drinking in the booth and no food or beverage containers should be left sitting anywhere. Period.
  • Schedule time with industry editors, chat with competitors
  • Respond as fast as you can to show leads. Have the thank-you letter ready to go in advance, and the leads ready for immediate distribution to sales.
  • Report back. Hold a post-show meeting with your team to talk about what was done right and the “a-ha” moments.

Implementing these seven tips is sure to give you an impactful show that will make you a hero in the eyes of sales leadership.


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