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5 Easy Marketing Tips to Start the Year Off Strong

5 Easy Marketing Tips to Start the Year Off Strong

in InfoSource, Trends in the Marketplace

Brush off the confetti and stash the party hats, it’s time to get busy pursuing this year’s marketing goals. For many companies, there’s no better resolution than trying something new. If it’s no- or low-cost, like these ideas from Forbes online, then so much the better. 

Tip #1: Check out the competition. If a particular strategy or tactic seems to be effective, consider making it your own. Does their website work harder or look better? What about their signage or marketing materials? 

Tip #2: Gather testimonials you’ve been putting off. Call, email or ask customers directly to leave reviews on social media or dedicated review sites. Be sure to add testimonials to your website. New visitors put great stock in what others say, so missing testimonials means lost opportunities. 

Tip #3: Update your social media. Fine-tune your posting strategy and refresh profiles and photos. Surely you have something to say, so put pen to paper and knock out a dozen new posts. Another option? Take a familiar topic and put your spin on it for a fresh and interesting take. It will feel great and do wonders for your confidence. 

Tip #4: Get some facetime. Difficult? Sure. But no marketing move on the planet replaces authentic in-person conversations with customers and prospects. Go a step further and expand your event strategy. Host an interest group, put on a free workshop, speak at local meetings. Any of these will deepen community connections and garner invaluable exposure. 

Tip #5: Cultivate media connections. The media needs content. You need ink. But instead of just bugging reporters for coverage, offer yourself as an expert for other stories. Relationship building will go a long way.