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5 Do’s & Don’t’s for More Effective   E-Newsletters

5 Do’s & Don’t’s for More Effective E-Newsletters

in InfoSource, Trends in the Marketplace

Every so often, some self-proclaimed pundit(s) trumpet the decline of email marketing, claiming public burnout with the tactic or imagined superiority of some other medium (ahem…social media). But as trusted sources report, email marketing–in both B2B and B2C channels–is more popular than ever, and in fact, shows no signs of waning. One reason is results: email marketing ROI bests returns from direct mail by nearly 30%, Chief Marketer reports. Here, “email marketing” mostly refers to electronic newsletter campaigns, the platforms for which have become increasingly more robust and easier to use. These traits make them attractive to marketers who are new to the practice and/or eager to boost current campaign results. Both can benefit from tips like these:

1. DO: confirm that you really need a
newsletter. They require planning, resources and focus, any of which can be scarce in a busy company. Clear alignment with business goals is always a positive sign.

2. DO: create a content blueprint. Select the types, mix and length of articles to share. Examples include: news, analysis, tip-and-tricks, testimonials and employee spotlights.

3. DO: invest time in cleaning and segmenting your list. It is the lifeblood
of campaign success.

4. DON’T: turn newsletters into an annoying sales pitch – instead make sure every article adds interest, value or both.

5. DON’T: go overboard with distribution frequency. Sending just for sending’s sake will turn your readers off. For best results, and to keep the pipeline full, plan several issues in advance, while simultaneously recruiting willing contributors and subject matter experts.

BONUS DO: Optimize for mobile, include links back to your website; and make the “Unsubscribe” button easy to see. Also, test, test, test and tweak individual elements to improve response.