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3 Reasons to Ensure That Your Product Packaging Pops

3 Reasons to Ensure That Your Product Packaging Pops

in InfoSource, Trends in the Marketplace

If you think packaging’s role plays second fiddle to your product, you may be doing your brand a tremendous disservice. Yes,
great products are important. But if they’re undifferentiated and don’t stand out where they’re sold, they’ll disappear from shoppers’ view, along with any hope of a sale. Here are three reasons to pump up your packaging’s prowess. 

1. Its role as a silent salesperson. In a retail setting, your product vies fiercely with competitors to capture consumers’ attention. If the packaging is dull, drab or undifferentiated, products stand less chance of A) being found by regular, loyal buyers actively seeking it out or B) swaying “undecideds” to reach for your brand over competitors’. 

2. To reinforce brand identity. When package design integrates key branding elements―tag, logo, color palette, brand personality―you create a consistent visual experience that customers want and expect. As the retail news and education site Retail Minded puts it, packaging “Isn’t just about what’s underneath, but also the brand behind the goods inside. Optimizing its impact both on the shelf and in hand…is paramount to generating a positive product experience resulting in brand buy-in.” Recent data says that one-third of a consumer’s buying decision is based solely on product packaging. In response, you can encourage designers to explore brand-friendly uses of shape, size, texture, and typography.

3. Packaging communicates other positive traits. Using creative, contemporary design techniques imparts brand cred and shows buyers that you are a legitimate player in your space. The use of eco-friendly materials can also convey that you’re committed to sustainability, something more consumers―especially younger ones―increasingly demand from brands in every category.