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3-Point Checklist for Better Mobile Marketing Results

3-Point Checklist for Better Mobile Marketing Results

in InfoSource, Trends in the Marketplace

 See that bandwagon? You’d better jump on it. Pronto. Because recent data reinforces what has become an indisputable survival fact for today’s small business: you must bring your “A” game to mobile marketing or risk losing market share to competitors that do. Think of it. Seventy-five percent of all Americans own a smartphone and spend 70% of their total media consumption time using it. This year, up to 83% of all US online traffic will come through mobile devices, with more than a third of all searches relating to location. So to paraphrase that popular fictional news anchor: yes, mobile is kind of a big deal for marketers. To hold your ground, and maybe even gain some, prioritize these steps from our mobile marketing checklist.

1. Make sites and apps truly mobile friendly.  Incorporate responsive design and ensure that pages load in three seconds or less. Bounce rates rise 20% for every extra second of load time. Scrutinize your UX (user experience) to see where you can mobile-optimize button and tab sizes, images, and intrasite navigation.

2. Prioritize local optimization.  Forty percent of mobile searches have local intent, and local brands enjoy about 80% user engagement. With this in mind, be sure to integrate local keywords into content, page titles, meta tags, and other elements. Build-in shorter keywords for organic searches and use longer phrases to accommodate mobile voice search (stat alert: half of all searches will use voice by 2020).

3. Tweak your paid search strategy. Create compelling, mobile-focused ads that integrate phrases like ‘buy from your smartphone,’ ‘order now from your mobile,’ and the like. Finally, consider using click-to-call and other Google ad extensions. Bonus point: invest in video. Because next year, 80% of all mobile traffic will be tied to video content.