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3 Mobile Marketing Trends to Consider in the New Year

3 Mobile Marketing Trends to Consider in the New Year

in InfoSource, Trends in the Marketplace

Is mobile marketing or promotion on your radar for 2020? If you have products to sell, maybe it should be. Google reports that after seeing an ad on their smartphone, more than half of users will search for the item online, send a text to someone about it, or make an online or in-store purchase. Last year, 16% of all U.S. Internet users employed only a cell phone to go online, and by 2022, mobile-only use will account for nearly 20% of all time online. Impressive, right? But wait. Tactics you may have previously used to attract, engage, and convert audiences may fall short this year and even next. Consider these 2020 mobile trends foreseen by market watchers: 

1. Voice search optimization. In 2020, voice search, which replaces manual keyboard searches with commands spoken into a digital assistant, will account for half of all searches. Marketers who optimize their web content for longer, more conversational voice searches could rank higher in the search results. 

2. Video advertising. Selling via mobile app, social platforms, or websites is growing. Last year, 92% of Facebook’s ad revenue came from mobile, and two-thirds of Amazon’s total digital ad spend went to the channel. This year, mobile will represent 43% of the U.S.’s total media ad spend― a higher percentage than all traditional media combined. Why? Video ads can quickly capture and hold attention better than other methods.

3. Micro-influencer marketing. This trend partners brands with niche-market social media (usually Instagram) personalities with up to 10,000 followers. Two factors are in play: low cost—just a few hundred bucks or less per promotional post; and high engagement. Because micro-influencers are passionate, knowledgeable, and share lots of content, they enjoy 22-times more conversations than the average Instagram user.