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3 Digital Strategies to Keep Pace with Market Changes

3 Digital Strategies to Keep Pace with Market Changes

in InfoSource, Trends in the Marketplace

There’s no shortage of notable quotables warning against the dangers of becoming complacent. “Of all the things leaders should fear, complacency heads the list,” cautions management guru, John C. Maxwell. Former record-winning basketball coach, Don Meyer, calls complacency “the forerunner to mediocrity.” While these urgings are directed toward organizations, the wisdom behind them also applies to marketers, including those who may have grown content with their digital marketing results. Because in an ever-evolving commercial landscape, laurel-resting could result in lost customers and opportunities. To sharpen and keep your edge, try to routinely assess and challenge efforts in these vital areas. 

1. Data-collection practices. With GDPR, in full force, and the California Consumer Protection Act on track to become the country’s data-privacy template, marketers must be able to prove, on demand, if asked–that they handle, store and use customer data in a secure and responsible way. The public has the power now. And they aren’t afraid to use it.

2. Content Marketing. To hone this strategy, frequently inventory the quality, quantity and subject of downloads, video, mailers and other distributable assets. 

Do the problems they address still apply? Have users’ needs and interests changed? A similar way to keep pace with an evolving marketplace is to frequently review and refresh website content, keywords, SEO. 

3. Email Marketing. An essential strategy for ten-plus years, email has seen its own fair share of evolution, including changes to best practices for list management, personalization and graphic design.

Bottom line: to keep pace in these digital days, marketers must not let content grow stale. Or as GE’s iconic former Chairman and CEO, Jack Welch, advises “Change…before you have to.”