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Tips & Tricks for Marketing with Content

Tips & Tricks for Marketing with Content

in Biz Tips, InfoSource

The customer lifecycle is often portrayed as a multi-stage ‘funnel’ through which prospects pass and (ideally) morph from clueless consumers to raving fans—or at least repeat buyers. Getting useful, relevant content into their hands at the right time during the process can help you move them along faster and close sales sooner. 

Awareness Stage: Prospects’ first introduction to your brand. Content types: Tip Sheet, How-To Video, Checklist, Educational Posts, FAQ. 

Evaluation Stage: Time to prove you can deliver on your claims. Content types: Testimonials, Case Studies, White Papers. 

Purchase Stage: Demonstrate value here to eliminate any remaining concerns or objections. Content types: Free Trial
or Consultation, Live Demo, Discount. 

Post-purchase, you can also use content such as newsletters, email updates, and announcements to keep customers engaged and invested in your brand.