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Full Color Variable Print Leads to Faster Customer Response

Full Color Variable Print Leads to Faster Customer Response

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Research studies have shown that when businesses utilize full-color variable print for mailings, customers tend to respond more rapidly. In fact, overall response rates may increase by as much as five times compared to standard mailings. After all, communicating to each customer as an individual strengthens loyalty and builds share of customer.

Variable print is defined as personalized “print-for-one” using information that is unique to each individual recipient.

There are three basic levels of variable print:

  • Mail Merge/Basic Personalization uses basic text and some graphics
  • Versioning uses text, graphics and specific information directed to a particular group of customers
  • Advanced Personalization refers to highly personalized print using text, graphics and specific data to make each printed piece unique to each recipient.
  • Using variable printing in your cross-selling programs shows your customers that you know them—it personalizes your relationship with them, thus increasing the likelihood that they will act on your recommendations.

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