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Tradeshow Facts

Tradeshow Facts

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Did you know…?

70% of show attendees plan a list of booths they will visit before arriving to show site

Only 10%–15% of exhibitors pre-show market

Marketers report a 50% increase in conversion rates when pre-show marketing was used

51% of tradeshow attendees request that a sales rep call them.

How history will remember the success of a tradeshow hinges entirely on pre-show marketing efforts. No pressure, right?

While there are several ways to measure a successful show, one of the most common ways is cost per lead. The best and easiest way to drive down cost per lead is to create more top of the funnel activity by increasing the number of qualified attendees you draw to the booth. This can be done through a variety of pre-show activities such as direct mail to your own database and to a purchased list of attendees from the event organizer.

We have a team of tradeshow specialists on standby that can help with any pre-show marketing needs you may have. Whether it’s print, fulfillment, graphics or direct mailers, we are your one-stop shop for event marketing support.


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