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Tips for Better Letter Copy

Tips for Better Letter Copy

in InfoSource, Personally Speaking

Sales letters are a low-cost, highly effective business marketing tool. But writer’s block and difficulty expressing ideas can hinder the process and frustrate even experienced authors. Use these tips to put readers first and make letter copy more compelling:

Be them. Put your reader hat on and brainstorm information they might want or expect in a sales letter. 

Grab them. Spend time crafting a powerful “grabber” headline by using punchy action words and relevant, enticing benefits.

Guide them. Make your sales piece flow by organizing it into a coherent intro, body and conclusion, including a clear call to action. 

Touch them: Avoid the trap of “chest beating,” that is, talking about yourself and your company more than the reader’s wants, needs and interests; if “we” and “our” outnumber “you” and “your,” go back and edit.