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The Effect Of Printing In Color

The Effect Of Printing In Color

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Does printing in color really make a difference? According to a recent study by the International Communications Research and Xerox, an overwhelming majority of U.S.-based small business owners/managers believe that color does in fact have a positive effect on their business.

Respondents indicated that color documents have a strong ability to attract new customers, make companies appear larger, gain a competitive edge, increase memory retention and enhance creativity. Among the findings:

  • 92% Believe color presents an image of impressive quality
  • 90% Feel color can assist in attracting new customers
  • 90% Believe customers remember presentations and documents better when color is used
  • 84% Think greater consideration is given to color documents
  • 83% Believe color makes them appear more successful
  • 83% Feel color capabilities enhance employee creativity
  • 81% Think color gives them a competitive edge
  • 78% Report that color documents are easier to understand
  • 76% Believe that the use of color makes their business appear larger to clients

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