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Test … Test … Test

Test … Test … Test

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Whether you use direct mail, email or both, testing and refinement can help to improve the effectiveness of your marketing. By varying or testing elements of a direct mail campaign — such as the mailing list, design, copy, call to action or response mechanism — over multiple mailings, you can continually hone your marketing and improve your response rates.

Generally speaking, there are three direct mail testing and refinement processes:

• Baselining. Establishing baseline response rates allows you to set expectations for improvement.

• A/B Testing. This refers to the process of changing one element at a time to gauge the results. This is usually done with a small subset of your mailing list so that you can apply the benefits learned during A/B testing to the rest of your list, leading to a more cost-effective campaign.

• Multi-Variate Testing. This testing method is often used for multiple, large mailings and refers to the process of changing multiple elements of a campaign at the same time.

At Dynamark, we can help you improve your marketing through direct mail testing and refinement. Call us when you’re ready for your next big campaign.