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One-to-One Marketing

One-to-One Marketing

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One-to-one marketing, also known as personalized marketing, involves incorporating a recipient’s personal data, such as name, address, or last purchased item into a brochure, direct mail postcard or flyer, and/or embedded in an email and developed into a personalized URL and web page/microsite. While the degree of personalization is highly dependent on the amount of data and information an organization has about its target audiences, one-to-one marketing has been shown to greatly increase response rates.
At Dynamark Printing, we can help you with one-to-one marketing campaigns using our integrated direct marketing programs that deliver the strength of direct mail, combined with variable printing technology, merged with the Internet and email, to give you a powerful way to reach your target audiences. From start to finish, we can manage your mailing list and database, purchase URLs and apply personalized URLs, create personalized web pages/microsites, print personalized marketing materials, mail at discounted postal rates, send follow-up emails, fulfill responses and provide campaign analytics to help you measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and success of your programs.
For a free consultation regarding your next integrated marketing campaign, contact the experts at Dynamark Printing.

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