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Marketing with Facebook Live

Marketing with Facebook Live

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Here are some popular ways to use the platform’s video-streaming feature to expand your marketing and engage customers in a fresh, powerful way:

Insider Look. Go behind the scenes to reveal a unique, interesting or little-known aspect of your business. 

Event Presence. Conduct interviews, offer demos or do a live Q&A to grab interest and build authority. 

Product Tease. Customers love the excitement and prestige of getting an “exclusive” sneak-peek. 

When live streaming, be sure to: 

Have a Plan. Be clear on why you’re broadcasting and what you want to say; stay on script but expect the unexpected and go with the flow. 

Deliver Quality: Try for a visually interesting but low-noise environment; use a good mic.

End with a Call to Action: Encourage viewers to visit your site, sign up for your newsletter or subscribe to your YouTube channel.