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Labels’ role May be Bigger Than You Think

Labels’ role May be Bigger Than You Think

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Labels may seem rather small-ish at first blush. But the role they play in marketing, branding and employees’ everyday experience may be bigger than you think.

Labels are ubiquitous. Hard at work, every day, in nearly every aspect of your business. Marketers use the highly designed or variable-data variety for events, packaging and launching new products. Operations posts static clings to instruct and educate workers, and alert them to danger. Logistics teams use barcoded pieces to monitor and replenish inventory. These and myriad other practical uses are why PIP offers a full spectrum of label, sticker and decal solutions, in thousands of standard shapes and sizes, as well as custom configurations. By the sheet or on a roll. With quality ink and your choice of high-tech adhesives. 

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