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Integrated marketing, why you need it

Integrated marketing, why you need it

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Integrated Marketing may seem like a somewhat nebulous term, but here’s an easy way to remember why you need it: it delivers a multitude of benefits across multiple marketing channels. Payback can come in the form of higher sales, a stronger brand, and greater market penetration. Integrated marketing encompasses both traditional and digital media, tying the two together with the 4 C’s of execution―meaning that you’ll see best results and ROI when integration is 1)consistent, 2)cohesive, 3)complementary and 4)continuous. 

If you want to improve campaign results, or simply explore what ‘integrated’ marketing is all about, contact Dynamark today. We’ll show you the best of both worlds, including how printed media, like mailers, sales collateral, signs, and banners complement their digital counterparts (mobile, email, and intuitive web design) to multiply your marketing investment. 

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