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Email the Write Way

Email the Write Way

in InfoSource, Personally Speaking

It probably won’t surprise you that the average person receives 88 emails per day. Want your emails to get opened? Here are seven helpful hints: 

1. Pull readers in with a catchy subject line. A ho-hum subject line will send readers scurrying for the delete button. 

2. Begin the conversation by being conversational. Write an email to your customer—not at them. Give it some personality. 

3. Be careful about tooting your horn. Present your product or service in the best possible light and build your story around customer benefits. 

4. Skip the spam. These days, sending email that hasn’t been opted into is a no-no. 

5. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short and sweet—and add a touch of spice. Vary sentence length. 

6. Recap your most important points, then clearly explain what you’d like the reader to do next. Close with a clear call to action. 

7. Don’t build an “email island.” Remember, you’re an integrated marketer. Make certain the email effort complements your broader marketing campaign.