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Design is the Key

Design is the Key

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The purpose of design is to provide a visual illustration of a specific message, but certain fundamentals must be considered for the message to be conveyed effectively. For instance, who makes up the audience that will see the end design? Are they young or old? Consumers or business professionals? These and other characteristics must be taken into account when choosing colors, images and other design elements.
The simple rule of “less is more” certainly applies to design. While there are many captivating images that can convey a message, avoid the “clutter trap,” using adequate white space and limiting the use of different fonts produces a simpler, more elegant look.
Another important consideration is the medium or media in which the end design will be seen. For example, a logo may look great on a billboard or window display, but become hard to read when shrunk down for a hat, stationary, or pen. When it comes to multiple media, versatility is key.
At Dynamark, our professional graphic designers understand marketing as well as graphic design, and can help you communicate your message more effectively no matter the medium. Call us for help on your next graphic design project.

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